1. What can you register? Your trademark must stand out in the market. You can not get exclusive rights to words or images that only describe your product. To register your trademark it must be unique - it must have distinctive character.. The trademark should not resemble previously registered trademarks for the same or similar products.


Since 2009, household debt in Norway has according to Statistics Norway increased by nearly NOK 1,500 billion, and a Lindorff report states that one in seventeen Norwegians has non-payment records. In order to counter the trend toward excess debt, Norway is introducing the credit information register.

Juridisk person/enskild firma; telefon och adresser, SCB, 1 gg/vecka. Jan Linders Ingenjörsfirma. Tekniskprovning. Keep Getting Smarter AB Netgroup Engineering. Produktutveckling. Nexans Norway AS. Industri.

Firma register norway

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Email address: Password: Retype Password: Company Name: Street address: ZIP/Postal code: City: Country/State: AFGHANISTAN  Carlings as we know it today, was started by Frank Varner in 1980. We are a Scandinavian retail brand and market leader in denim, with stores in Norway,  So we're making Sammen om Barna (Kids in Common) for parents in Norway, sharing kids with previous partners. The service The Norwegian school holidays are already in the calendar when you register. We are the Typ: Enskild firma. We help people with information and guidance on what applies when working on the other side of the border in Norway or Sweden.

Det er mange formelle beslutninger og rapporteringer knyttet til å starte og drive bedrift. Hos oss finner du informasjon om registrering av bedrift.

Norway. Show all countries. Bergen Oslo Stavanger Tromsø Trondheim  Leading provider of smart network solutions, combining satellite communications, terrestrial telecoms and digital solutions to connect remote operations  The company offers total integration and focuses on the overall vessel concept and Norway's largest industrial company, with principal operations in agriculture, oil and energy, This site requires you to login or register to p Fast Company Featured. How did we become one of the world's Best Workplaces for Innovators?

prepared by Västsvensk Logistik AB (publ), company registration stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Poland, as well as Shop Online.

Firma register norway

Attach the memorandum of association, articles of association, and a confirmation that the share capital has been deposited. Register the private limited liability company (Coordinated Register Notification part 1 - Paper form (in Norwegian only) Det er mange formelle beslutninger og rapporteringer knyttet til å starte og drive bedrift. Hos oss finner du informasjon om registrering av bedrift. Läs mer på Altinn om vilka som måste registreras i vilket register. Registrera NUF (filial) i Norge: "Norskregistrert Utenlandsk Foretak" Ett så kallat "NUF" är den enda av etableringsalternativen där det svenska företaget kan vara ansvarig för verksamheten eftersom den är en filial till ert svenska företag. If you have business activities at several locations, or have considerable turnover in different industries at one location, you should register the different businesses or branches. You do this by submitting the form "Tillegg for enhet med virksomhet på flere adresser (available in Norwegian only)".

Construction Company.
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Brønnøysundregistrene kan vara den första instans som du kommer i kontakt med när du ska etablera verksamhet i Norge, i och med att registrering av verksamheten All foreign enterprises that are required to have a Norwegian organisation number must be registered as a Norwegian-registered foreign company (NUF).
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Register your profile at profiler.sigma.se, and we will contact you if we have  27, Soil Association Certification Ltd • Company Registration No. IMPORTANT NOTE: for PEFC FM certification in Norway & Sweden, it is also necessary that  By clicking 'I Accept', you are agreeing to our use of functional, performance and targeting cookies. No Thanks I Accept. Caterpillar Logo · Company · Company  Audiobooks on your iPhone or Android mobile. We have thousands of audiobook titles covering all genres. Listen to a book when you're out jogging, cutting the  varumärkeslag och ändringar i firmalagen (SOU 2001:26).